By making use of our engineering expertise, we guarantee our customers a competetive advantage

Engineering services are the backbone of any product development. They include the process of conceptualizing, designing, and developing a product. To achieve this goal, we have an experienced team of engineers who will work with you to create a feasible solution.

Our engineering services are backed by our expertise in various fields, such as mechanical, electrical, automation, and software. We also offer product management services to help you manage your products from conception to delivery. We use various tools and methodologies to ensure our customers receive the best quality engineering services, including agile methodology for development projects.

Familiarise yourself with the scope of our engineering and product management services!


Engineering Change Order (ECO) management


Design for Manufacture and Assembly


Materials and product management


Last-time buy management

Engineering Change Order (ECO) management

Engineering Change Order (ECO) management is an important part of product development. In the market of electronic component suppliers, changes are often made to the components supplied for production. It sometimes also happens that certain errors or defects are noticeable only after the device has been tested or prototyped. All this means that the design and production documentation needs to be updated.

In such situations, the organizational efficiency of the electronics designer and manufacturer is extremely important. How quickly an engineering modification can be implemented in the product is exceedingly important for the overall project cost. With our over 30 years of experience in manufacturing electrical devices, we do extremely well in managing such incidents.

What's more, we use a variety of product management tools and methodologies to ensure that our clients receive the best quality services, including agile methodology for development projects and lean startup for new business initiatives.

Independent Quality Assurance (QA) Team:

  • 8D problem solving methodology
  • FMEA methodology
  • Lean management approach
  • 5S methodology
  • In-house IPC trainer
  • IPC training program
  • TQM - Total Quality Management

Design for Manufacture and Assembly

As an electronics design services company, we must use the Design for Manufacturing and Assembly - DFMA - services before starting the entire manufacturing process. It gives the process its simplest form in components production as well as their mounting in the final device. Design for Manufacture - DFM - choosing the best sources and components regarding the economics of a project.

Moreover, after the analysis, we minimize process cycles to lower the costs of components and the whole production time. When we design a product, we're typically focused on the user experience. We want to ensure that people can easily use our products, enjoy them and be happy with them. That's important, but it's not the only thing that matters.

Designing for Assembly benefits:

  • Reduced costs over time
  • Reducing material usages
  • A more effective supply chain
  • Project stability

Materials and product management

Alternative material management

Sourcing alternative materials serves to optimise Bills of Materials (BOM). However, alternative materials very often mean that the product needs to be redesigned and the production process needs to be updated. Detailed monitoring of the market of component suppliers guarantees that we can adapt our supply chain to any change in market conditions and that our team of veteran experts will implement the engineering changes as soon as possible.

End-of-life management

We also provide End-of-life (EOL) product management when the customer plans to reduce the manufacture of a product. At this stage, it is very important to have optimized supply chain management in order to appropriately respond to the falling market demand and not have the customer face their capital being frozen in materials.

Obsolescence management

The capability of electronics manufacturing is related to the availability of electronic components whose lifecycle is shorter than that of the product in which they are used. In order to minimise the risk involved, we can custom-record the lifecycle of critical components and be ready to suggest alternatives. We can also provide this service after serial production stops.

Last-time buy management

Last time buy management is a strategy that involves buying inventory before the price increases. This has become a common strategy for many companies, especially those that are involved in the manufacturing industry. It refers to the last time a particular product will be manufactured and sold. The product is typically discontinued after this date.

To face the volatility of product availability depending on market demand we use last-time buy management. This allows us to limit the cost of discontinuing surplus material items so that we minimize the stock management costs and optimise the use of our customer’s working capital.

Established processes as a key value and priority at VECTOR BLUE HUB

Implementing any process unavoidably entails its modularity. And modularity leaves space for the client to choose their own way - to skip or add a stage or combine two processes into a viable one. At VECTOR BLUE HUB, we support the process growth on the Deming cycle and make our work proactive. The modularity of the phases and milestones brings the value of flexibility when it is needed to be suited to the client's work standards.

A committed team with strong leaders and agile product managers is the key to success. Then, the volatility of the contemporary business environment forces our ability to respond to a change. We can manage that and move on to the next phase, thanks to being agile. The role of the process is to support the end product's successful development and the trust of all parties: the customer, supplier, and employee.

Complementary services you need to get familiar with

We represent the under one roof concept - we keep electronics design and manufacturing services in one place. Every customer comes with a different story, so ultimately you decide whether you want an end-to-end service or to choose between those services that suit you best at the time.

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