How Supply Chain Management Services (SCM) Work at VECTOR BLUE HUB

Supply chain management is a complex process. It involves planning and execution of your supply chain activities, from procurement to delivery, inventory management, warehousing, and transportation. Moreover, the global economic disruption has irrevocably changed the role of supply chain management (SCM) in manufacturing electronic devices.

In recent years, many companies have realized the importance of supply chains strategy as they started implementing them in their production systems. Here at VECTOR BLUE HUB, our goal is to build an ecosystem of relationships with suppliers that will allow for rapid development and delivery of high-quality services.

Why Is Supply Chain Management Important?

Supply chain networks are a critical yet often overlooked element of business success. Global supply chain management cannot be ignored as the world becomes increasingly interconnected, so dedicated strategies help companies understand the risks and challenges in the global economy.

The supply chain is made up of three interdependent parts: suppliers, manufacturers, and distributors. The goal of supply chain management is to create a network of these entities that work together to produce and distribute goods and services worldwide.

A successful supply chain strategy helps companies avoid possible disruptions, such as raw materials shortages, by acknowledging them long before we start to experience any harmful effects. It also allows businesses to anticipate changes in customer demand, reduce costs and increase profits.

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Material Resource Planning 

Material Resource Planning (MRP) is a process that uses data to help us plan our materials supply. Our organization operates on a system that allows us to plan, schedule and coordinate manufacturing and purchasing activities with other internal and external functions.

Thanks to that, our logistics management can plan, implement and control the flow and storage of goods, services and related information between us and the end customers. Our team of savvy professionals can conduct the shipping process to secure the lead times and is well-prepared to react in case of an emergency.

What's more, to reduce the risk of deliverables that do not meet the specification, we have:

  • established quality control processes, including standards for the Quality Assurance and Improvement System as well as standards for the Quality Control System.
  • developed a strong management team and skilled engineers in development, validation, manufacturing and electronic product certification.
  • built and developed a modern manufacturing plant for electronic product assembly and IT tools for product development and process management.

Our Purchasing Policy

Inventory Management

In our electronics assembly company, material management is of key importance because it directly affects the operational efficiency of the supply chain. This helps to reduce production time and to respond effectively to any fluctuations in product demand.

Based on ERP-class software, our inventory management solutions are updated daily. This allows us to quickly and flexibly respond to any changes introduced by the customer or partners in the supply chain.

We apply material management throughout the product’s lifecycle: from solution design, through optimization in cost reduction designs; we also ensure obsolescence management and material availability management.

Active searching for new models to protect material availability:

  • Smart material planning
  • Working with forecasts
  • Placing Purchase Orders in advance, when demand appears, with partial shipments
  • Design for availability
  • Changes in product structure (ECO, re-design, alternative components)

Suppliers management 

We have a New Supplier Introduction (NSI) process which is obligatory for every new supplier. Under our NSI process, we vet a potential supplier in terms of their organisational capabilities, stability and reliability. We also carry out technical vetting (RoHs, certificates, REACH, UL) and check quality assurance aspects.

VECTOR BLUE HUB takes special care in selecting its suppliers to ensure continuous and repeatable contract manufacturing services and security of the projects entrusted to us. Our electronics manufacturing plant is located in Poland and we use only brand-name, proven suppliers and authorized distributors who guarantee repeatable quality - European sources only.

We have a formal process of assessing our suppliers followed by a supplier classification process. Strategic suppliers are audited at least once a year, others on an ad-hoc basis.

A company develops because it monitors and measures, and after every turnaround, it becomes more innovative and experienced. That's why we introduced supplier management activities to ensure the highest quality of our services:

  • Verified and validated supplier base - Qualified Suppliers List
  • New Supplier Introduction process (NSI process)
  • Supply Chain Partners management through annual evaluation process/ Supplier Management Procedure
  • Supplier performance annual auditing plan
  • New contracts/contract renegotiations
  • Close cooperation - strategic and operational.

BOM Optimization

At VECTOR BLUE HUB, we strive to optimize our material costs and flexibly manage our bills of materials (BOM) at the same time.

The BOM allows us to know what parts are needed for each product, which helps us keep track of inventory levels and reduce waste on our end. It also helps us customize products based on customer requests without creating new products from scratch whenever something changes. The BOM sheets are updated regularly so that new items can be added or deleted as necessary and always reflect accurate pricing information.

Moreover, we follow an open-book approach, which focuses on sharing cost information with our customers, eliminating costs unrelated to a project or for non-value-adding activities.

We spend your money wisely:

  • saving time and money with "under the one roof" concept
  • transparent project cost and open book on manufacturing
  • focusing on total cost of ownership rather than just a price
  • leveraging lean and cost-aware approach with Central Europe cost base
  • using local supply chain, alternative parts
  • selection and lean material management
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