A wide range of Contract Electronics Manufacturing Services

Electronic contract manufacturing can be a complementary or substitute solution to in-house manufacturing operations. VECTOR BLUE HUB is a contract electronics manufacturing company that goes beyond a traditional “build to print” scope. Our ems contract manufacturing services will help you grow your business.

Our preferred customer is the one who wants more from electronics manufacturing services - from co-designing a product, through prototyping and industrialisation, supply-chain planning towards after-sales services such as reverse logistics, repair, electronic products sustaining, quality control, and lifecycle management.

We believe in integrating services and providing a one-stop-shop full range of electronic contract services required in a product's lifecycle. We offer comprehensive electronics contract manufacturing services regardless of what customers need to launch new products or upgrade older models to meet rising market expectations.

Our flexible production process management, flexible factory layout, and extensive product line retooling capabilities allow us to meet non-standard needs, making us the best among other contract electronics manufacturers.

EMS manufacturing company with a manufacturing plant in Europe

Our head office and factory’s strategic location in Poland, at the crossroads of the very heart of Europe, enables us to establish a close relationship with our customers.


VECTOR BLUE HUB is strategically headquartered in Gdynia, in northern Poland. The Pomorskie voivodeship has historically been home to electronics businesses. The renowned Electronics and Telecommunications Faculty also provide fresh talent electronic production specialists in the region at the Technical University of Gdańsk.

With over 20 significant electronic contract manufacturing companies and original equipment manufacturers, the Pomorskie region is a helpful resource pool for recruiting a competent team. Gdynia has also been voted "the best place to live" in Poland for the last few years, attracting new talent at a reasonable cost. Last but not least, along with Poland's economic development, we have created a network of highly-qualified local suppliers to localize the supply chain. 

Familiarise yourself with the scope of our contract electronics manufacturing services 


Printed Circuit
Board Assembly






Supply Chain

Printed Circuit Board Assembly in EMS contract manufacturing

VECTOR BLUE HUB is a leading Electronic Contract Manufacturer. We are by far more than a classic "board maker." Our ambition is to provide integrated, fully functional products. This is why our final assembly and box build can complement the board assembly. Finally, VECTOR BLUE goes beyond just electronic contract manufacturing services by including field failure analysis, comprehensive services on warranty, customer helpdesk, and reverse logistics.

VECTOR BLUE HUB's final assembly & box build capabilities are integral to our turnkey electronic contract manufacturing solutions. Our box final assembly & box build expertise includes: 

  • Sub-modules Cables Potting
  • Complex electro-mechanical assembly
  • Electro-pneumatic assembly
  • and other project-dedicated assembly lines and cells

Those listed below enable 6 sigma quality for our SMT assembly process:

  • 3D solder paste inspection
  • 0102 component size capability on pick and place machines
  • 10 zones, nitrogen-assist reflow oven
  • 3d inline automatic optical inspection (AOI)

Box-build in contract electronics manufacturing services

Our ambition is to provide integrated, fully functional products. This is why our final assembly and box-build capabilities complement the board assembly. Finally, VECTOR BLUE HUB goes further than just contract electronics manufacturing services. Still, it includes field failure analysis, comprehensive services on warranty, customer helpdesk, and reverse logistics, all at the highest quality of service.

Final Assembly and Box-build

VECTOR BLUE HUB's final assembly & box build capabilities are integral for our turnkey electronics manufacturing solutions.

Our box final assembly & box build expertise includes:

  • Sub-modules
  • Cables and harness
  • Potting and gluing
  • Complex electromechanical assembly
  • Electro-pneumatic assembly
  • Other project-dedicated assembly lines and cells

Well-trained, experienced operators are vital to providing high-quality electronic assembly services. We have focused on designing and using production aids, poka-jokes, fault-proofing jigs and fixtures. And what makes VECTOR BLUE HUB shine is having the right technical culture, with great attention to detail and 5S rules for tidiness, orderliness, cleanliness, standardisation and discipline.  

Our expertise in the box-build area includes:

  • Mechanical design, supplier selection and tooling project management for a mechanical enclosure, whether sheet-metal, die-cast or plastic moulded
  • CNC machining for specific parts or customisation of mechanical parts (drilling, threading, etc.)
  • Nesting PCBAs in a chassis, assembly of buttons, displays and interfaces
  • Mating the mainboard with daughter-boards, mezzanines or a battery assembly
  • Gasket assembly, gluing, potting and ingress protection (IP) assembly
  • Final configuration and software updates

Box-build services at VECTOR BLUE HUB

Electromechanical Assembly

Following VECTOR BLUE HUB's specialisation in industrial products, we have placed a premium on electromechanical assembly capabilities. To meet the expectations of our clients in manufacturing a turnkey product or integrated "plug-and-play" module, we have created the following skills:

  • Cable harness manufacturing (in-house for low volumes, dedicated cable manufacturer for high volumes) cable marking and wiring integration
  • Coils, busbars, fuse and circuit protection assembly
  • Electromechanical assembly, including high-voltage, high current circuits with testing
  • Pneumatic and hydraulic assembly, pipes, valves, sensors and leak testing capability

Electromechanical Assembly at VECTOR BLUE HUB

Supply Chain Management

As a reliable and experienced electronic contract manufacturer, we have a quick and effective decision-making team to react flexibly to changing market needs. We closely monitor any changes in the market to stay informed and respond dynamically to any disturbances to the supply chain.

We nurture relations with suppliers to gather early information from the market and support from the supply chain ecosystem. Above all, we value transparency in the whole supply chain ecosystem. We notify the client about any deviations in the supply chain, and our suppliers are always well-informed about the client's requirements. 

Actions we take in the supply chain with our clients to react immediately to any changes:

  • Firming up forecasts and orders for the most critical parts where lead times may increase
  • Negotiating safety stocks and secure availability of parts with suppliers
  • Recommending alternative suppliers/manufacturers to minimise availability limitations

The manufacturing process at VECTOR BLUE HUB in terms of good service


On the engineering side, a VECTOR BLUE HUB customer can do the following exam:


Our electronic contract manufacturing possibilities - SMT Surface-mount technology and others

The surface mount (SMT) process is a cornerstone of every electronics manufacturing plant. At VECTOR BLUE HUB, we have made a conscious choice of equipment to suit our specific type of electronic production - we have configured our twin Juki RS SMT lines for manufacturing with maximum flexibility.

With this kind of technology, the mounting vastly reduces production costs and makes the most efficient use of PCB space.

The key to achieving carrier-grade quality is reasonable process control. These include capabilities that enable six sigma quality for our SMT assembly process:

  • 3D solder paste inspection
  • 0102 component size capability on pick-and-place machines
  • 10 zones, nitrogen-assist reflow oven (check with MK), with a rigorous pilot batch process for thermal profiling
  • 3D inline automatic optical inspection (AOI) 

2 state-of-the-art SMT lines

VECTOR BLUE HUB offers an SMT service for a wide range of components: from 0201(008004) to 50x150 mm, with a maximum speed of 42,000 CPH and 29,000 CPH in accordance with IPC9850. We have two state-of-the-art SMT lines. Line Scan Technology for solder paste printing and Line Scan Technology inspection helps guarantee full inspection coverage with the most accurate measurement of the paste deposits' height, area, and volume.


Line Scan Technology for solder paste printing

Line Scan Technology inspection guarantees full inspection coverage with the most accurate measurement of the paste deposits' height, area, and volume.

Full 3D inline AOI system

Our full 3D inline AOI system is designed for large board sizes. The system delivers 'true measurement' for the full inspection of components and solder joints on PCBs of maximum dimensions of 510 x 460mm (20.1″ x 18.1″). It is able to inspect the world's smallest chip size of 008004" (50% of 010mg).


Nitrogen ERSA wave soldering system

The coated solder module that we use in our manufacturing processes offers the best solder quality and a high degree of repeatability due to the availability of different wave formers for each application. Nitrogen control with a rest-oxygen monitor maintains the O2 level in the nitrogen atmosphere at the desired level.

Through-Hole Technology (THT)

Our electronic contract manufacturing services package also offers Through-Hole Technology (THT), which addresses specific applications. Some industries in which safety issues have the highest priority recognize this production technology as the most reliable, making it the only one they use for manufacturing processing.

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