Quality Assurance

Quality management provides you with the assurance that your product meets the market needs and standards, as well as that it works in accordance with necessary requirements. Our team of experienced engineers puts all their effort in conducting tests, delivering proper documents and designing the process so that the cost-quality balance falls into the optimal point.

Providing the client with a product

and/or service which he needs.

Key value and priority for VECTOR BLUE HUB:

Quality Management

Team with a wides spectrum
of competences

and tools

management process

  • Client service management
  • Development and manufacturing processes - milestones, customer presence, and acceptance at every stage
  • Product requirements management
  • Risk management
  • Supporting processes - NPI, CAT, NSI, ECO, FMEA etc.
  • Internal and external audits (ISO) with measurable KPIs for the process and key departments
  • Key documents for product development and process status - PRD, HLD, LOR etc. - clear & shared with the Client
  • Continuous improvement process

Team with a wide
spectrum of competences

  • Strong management team - position, responsibilities and authorization
  • Experienced and skilled engineering team development, validation, manufacturing, certification
  • Hardware & firmware development
  • Products & processes validation
  • Complex competences base & its continuous improvement
  • Independent QA team

Infrastructure and tools

  • Modern manufacturing plant for electronic product assembly
  • R&D laboratory for design and validation of complete telecommunication products - functional, environmental and regulatory tests
  • Continue investment plan for manufacturing and laboratory, based on the market requirements and technology trends
  • IT tools for product development and process management
  • Components and supplier management