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Electronic device certification is a complex process, one which requires a lot of time and resources. Not surprisingly, many product companies turn their attention to electronics manufacturing companies, seeking an experienced and professional partner who can conduct the tests in advanced laboratories.

At VECTOR BLUE HUB, we support our customers in the testing and certification of their electronic equipment, which can be crucial for many reasons. The most important is ensuring that the designed quality of the product complies with international standards and the necessary electrical safety regulations.

Depending on what is required for the introduction of your product onto the market, we can easily take care of the following types of certification:


Electronic products CE certification process support


EMC, LVD, RED, ROHS directives

US/Canada and worldwide certification support

Tests & Validation

Test & Validation

Electronic products CE certification process support

If you are selling a product in Europe, you have to be careful about the regulations that may apply to it. The CE mark is required for specific product categories that are produced and/or sold within the European Economic Area (EEA). This area consists of 27 European Union Member States as well as the United Kingdom, Iceland, Norway, Lichtenstein, Turkey and Switzerland.

In Europe, electronic devices have to comply with CE marking directives, which means that they need to pass tests according to the European standards. In addition, there are specific directives for electrical safety (LVD) or electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). These products must also comply with relevant regulations related to their use under certain conditions (e.g., power supplies).

If your device does not have a CE mark on it, then there could be problems — and not just for you, as it might not be ready for sale in Europe at all. Here, at VECTOR BLUE HUB we can support you get through the CE certification process.

EMC, LVD, RED, ROHS directives

When most people think about the ROHS directives, they picture a bunch of regulations that are outdated, unnecessary, and not really relevant to modern life.

In fact, the ROHS directives are a crucial part of your business, and they are not going away anytime soon. So if you want to keep up with what is going on in your industry, and make sure you are doing everything right in terms of the regulations, you need to know what those directives are and how it can help your company to stay compliant with them.

There are four different directives that fall under the ROHS umbrella:

  • EMC (electromagnetic compatibility)

  • LVD (low voltage directive)

  • ROHS (restriction on hazardous substances)

  • WEEE (waste electrical and electronic equipment)

Each directive has its own set of rules for how companies should manage their materials when manufacturing products or disposing of waste.

Our experienced team is able to perform many of the required measurements and inspections, but we can also request an inspection by one of our partner certification centres.

US/Canada and other worldwide certification support

FCC and UL certification is a necessity if you want to sell your product in the USA, in Canada or elsewhere in the world.

Whether you're a small startup or a multinational corporation, FCC or UL certification is important for ensuring your product will be safe for consumers to use.

At VECTOR BLUE HUB, we can help you achieve FCC and UL certification quickly and easily. We will guide you through the process of getting certified and keep an eye on all the paperwork so that everything gets filed on time.

We can also make sure that your products are tested by an independent lab so that they meet all the safety standards. When you work with us, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that all your products are safe to use for consumers.

Test & Validation

When it comes to certifying your product, the most important thing is to be sure that the conditions in which it will be used are exactly right.

In order to do this, we recommend that you use a combination of our laboratories and certification centres.

Our savvy engineers are ready to help you get your electrical and electronic products compliant with all relevant directives. We employ a team of dedicated technical specialists who can assess the technical file on your product and make sure that it conforms to the relevant regulations. We can also help you out by conducting an independent conformity assessment, so that you know what areas need improvement before you go through the official process.

If you are looking for a partner who can help you ensure your product is compliant with international standards, look no further - we have got your back.

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