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Our best-in-class engineers offer their support to manufacture and design electronic devices that allow our customers to meet the latest market challenges. In our daily work, we always focus on commitment and deep insight to understand the needs of our partner.

Meet our team!

Włodzimierz Babś

General Manager

Włodzimierz has been associated with international technology companies for over 20 years. His business experience is related to hi-tech manufacturing, supply chain management, engineering and business development. In both professional and private life, he follows the principle of “Think Different” because he values an out-of-the-box approach. He expresses his interest in contemporary art by running a private art gallery featuring works polish contemporary artists.

Aneta Radecka-Bonja

Business Development Director

Aneta absolutely loves working with people and building relationships with them as it generates positive energy within her. As a highly skilled professional, she knows that no single approach is right for every individual, and so she always creates win-win situations when dealing with customers’ needs and expectations. Privately, she is crazy about Latin dance and culinary art.

Daniel Żywalewski

CTO Office

Daniel’s great passion is leading-edge technologies and the ways they improve our lives. His satisfaction in work always stems from being in direct touch with customers and working with them to help their businesses grow because, in the end, it's all about people. Privately, he is a big fan of football and, as he says, “a week without playing is a week wasted”. If he has a bit of free time, he always finds a new place to visit.

Joanna Marzec

Supply Chain Director
#supply chain management #sourcing #SCM

Joanna is responsible for sourcing and supply management in a global environment. With over ten years of experience in supply chain management and her mentor skills, she leads a team that builds high-level partnerships with suppliers and continuously improves processes throughout the organization. Privately, Joanna is interested in psychology, coaching and yoga. Yoga is not only a question of practice for her, but primarily mindfulness, spirituality and lifestyle.

Agnieszka Schulz

Project Portfolio Director
#ProjectManagement #Agile

"Besides math and physics there is also a kind of magic inside", says Agnieszka while describing her great passion for cutting-edge technologies. She strongly believes in her team, Agile Management, and the fact that every team member is equally important. She loves Banksy’s artworks, non-fiction literature, and her domesticated black panther – a cat called Pumpkin. During her free time, she visits new places, explores new cultures, and learns “Nuevas Lenguas”.

Michał Kłosiński

Plant Director
#innovative production processes

As manufacturing director, Michał is in charge of the effective and efficient operation and development of manufacturing processes. He is open to new ideas and has a special passion for new technologies. He makes sure to encourage people to constantly improve in their work and community life. The social aspect is very important to him as he supports disadvantaged young people and strives to get them passionate about sport, especially Eastern martial arts. He is also fond of old movies, but spending time with his family is what he loves most.

Wojciech Jesionkowski

Hardware Engineering Manager

Wojciech leads the development team and strives to bring customers’ ideas to life. During his 14 years at VECTOR as an engineer, he has gained strong problem-solving skills and analytical thinking in product development. Privately, he's a father who loves to spend time with his family on shared outdoor activities and travels.

Karol Jaskulski

Senior Hardware Engineer / Tech Lead
#RF #PCBDesign

Responsible for leading hardware design projects, in all aspects involving RF. Karol has a deep knowledge and experience of analogue optics and high frequency electronics. Karol is a real orienteering lover and his navigation skills always help him to find a way out.

Daniel Duchna

Hardware Engineer
#FPGA #Embedded #Linux #Verilog #PSU

Since childhood, Daniel has been deeply interested in electronics and science, creating sometimes funny and sometimes dangerous projects in the attic of his family house. Now, with almost 10 years of professional experience in electronics and computer science, he develops devices using reliable, top-notch technologies. He likes science and explores it beyond the known frontiers. He finds that watching a good movie or hiking are the best ways to refresh his mind.

Sylwester Kil

Senior Engineer
#Hardware #PowerSupplies

Sylwester is a telecommunication engineer with over 20 years of experience. He specializes in analogue and digital hardware. As a technical leader, he creates the technical vision, bearing in mind the quality of the product, engineering practice, and cost reduction. He also leads the development team in order to turn this vision into reality. He likes skiing, mountain cycling, and orienteering.

Piotr Piwoński

Software Engineering Manager / Scrum Master
#Agile #Scrum #SoftwareQuality #Python

Piotr graduated from University of Technology of Gdańsk in IT and, with peace of heart, could be named a real citizen of the city by the sea. As the thing he values the most at work is expanding horizons, he the same loves expanding those horizons while sailing across the Baltic waters. In VECTOR BLUE HUB, thus, he navigates the team of software quality, giving them support of his eight-year experience. Engagement and passion for reshaping the surrounding world – something which he treats as a privilege when contributing to the new technologies industry.

Marta Kozera

Quality Assurance Manager

Marta is a professional who monitors all the operations that affect quality in the manufacturing process. In her 10 years at VECTOR, she has gained a rich knowledge of quality management, assessment of suppliers, and process optimization. After work, Marta is currently discovering her new passion for skiing. She reads lots of criminal books and relaxes over a good cup of tea.

Jacek Grubba

Quality Control Engineer
##Quality #EMS #electronics

Jacek has worked with VECTOR for 20 years As a quality control engineer, his responsibilities include creating, implementing and verifying compliance with standards, methods and quality techniques, while ensuring product quality control standards. He is a passionate breeder of long-haired Scottish collies. With his wife, he has been running a kennel called the FCI Magic Scot for over 20 years. This involves meeting new people and travelling to dog shows in Poland and all over Europe.

Bogna Bednarska

Marketing Manager

Bogna mentors and manages the marketing team, while providing effective leadership of the company’s largest communications projects. She has over 15 years of experience in branding, marketing and public relations in the ICT industry. She creates and delivers a unique brand experience for all VECTOR GROUP companies. Bogna’s passion for Japan is matched by her love for design, modern art, and rock music.

Adriana Średnicka

International Sales Support Specialist

Adriana has worked at VECTOR for over 2 years, offering comprehensive sales support. If you have to describe her attitude in one sentence it probably would be “There is no task that I can’t manage”. She spends her free time with family and friends as well as reading books. Adriana has also lately developed a new passion for modern house architecture.

Aleksandra Król

International Sales Support Specialist

Aleksandra loves everything related to Russian language and culture. She has been working with eastern customers for 8 years and is always eager to help and support customers. She loves animals, skiing, and spending time with her family and friends.

Jarosław Krzyżanowski

PCBA Process Leader
#Contract manufacturing #Surface-mount technology #Through-hole technology #Final Assembly and Box build

Jarosław has over fifteen years of experience in electronics manufacturing processes (SMT, THT, AOI, X-RAY, SOLDER WAVE, SELECTIVE, ASSEMBLY). As Process Leader, he ensures an appropriate level of skill in the manufacturing staff, work standards, processes, the appropriate workplace infrastructure, tools and the best use of technological solutions. He gets the most satisfaction out of teamwork. He also likes to look for out-of-the-box innovative solutions our customers require. Music is Jarek’s greatest passion; he also loves family walks and DIY.

Marcin Tomasz Kowalski

Senior Technologist
#Test & test development #electronic manufacturing technology

Marcin has 20 years of experience working in electronics manufacturing. He loves to learn about new technologies and how to implement them in the manufacturing process. At VECTOR BLUE HUB, he is in charge of building testing environments for manufacturing processes and dedicated test platforms tailored to our costumers’ specific needs. He likes his work because he feels he can grow here and foster his interests. In his free time, he loves to watch movies, take photographs and spend time with his family.

Mateusz Kowalczys

Test Leader

Mateusz was granted Master of Science at University of Technology of Gdańsk in Electronics and Telecommunication and the ISTQB certificate as a software tester. In VECTOR BLUE HUB, he is the bridge between design and quality, keeping the latter in attention especially during large product volumes. In his over 12 years of experience, he worked on RF and telco projects in the electronic manufacturing services. As a leader, he places honesty and fair cooperation above other things. As a father, he values the time with his daughters. Sometimes he escapes into the mountains, reaching higher and longer trails to finally, one day, get to the Himalayas – that’s his dream.

Tomasz Urbaniak

Hardware Test Engineer
#LabView #FunctionalTesters #C

Responsible for design and development of manufacturing testers. Supports hardware and software teams in architecture design to meet future manufacturing needs. Involved in development of laboratory tools and their integration with LabView. Tomasz is passionate about music and spends his evenings playing a guitar.

Leszek Kleinert

Supply Chain Manager
#Supplier selection #Material management

Leszek is in charge of determining the needs of the sales on electronic products, production planning and material supplies for manufacturing. He has been working at VECTOR for over 20 years. He loves spending his weekends in the countryside, biking in the forest or walking his dog. He plays football at least once a week.


Krzemowa 6, 81-577 Gdynia, Poland
NIP 5840152246 REGON 008141770 KRS 0000077848 BDO 000008751
Register: Sąd Rejonowy Gdańsk-Północ VIII Wydział Gospodarczy KRS
Share capital: 66.877.000,00 PLN
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