Our design and manufacturing services 

We combine all essential services to take your product to the mass market in

various industries. Ultimately, you decide whether you want

end-to-end service or you can choose between those that suit you best at the time!

Electronic Design Services

Electronic design


Experience in mechanics, electronics and software design - we have it all. We use the freshest design tools and methodologies in our design process to maintain the quality of our design services on the highest level.
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Our prototyping capabilities include: Printed Circuit Board Assemblies (PCBA), 3D Printing, mechanical rapid prototyping, assembly and tests.
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Tests & Validation

& Validation

We have a vast experience in carrying out electrical, optical, burning, spurs and distortion, and environmental stress tests. At customer request, we can design any test environment to examine whether the product works as expected.
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Product Certification


We offer worldwide certification, qualification & regulatory services. We can carry out in-house preliminary tests and external tests, and the approval in worldwide recognized laboratories.
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Electronic Manufacturing Services

Contract Manufacturing


Our contract manufacturing services include surface-mount technology - SMT, through-hole technology THT, final assembly and box build as well as high-mix low-volume production.
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New Product Introduction (NPI)

New Product
Introduction (NPI)

In our New Product Introduction (NPI) process we rely, among others, on DFMA - Design for Manufacturing and Assembly methodology, FMEA - Failure Mode Effect Analysis and DFT - Design for Testability Analysis.
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Sourcing & Supply Chain Management

Sourcing & Supply Chain

We apply material management throughout the product’s life cycle: from solution design, through optimization in cost reduction designs. We also ensure obsolescence management and material availability management.
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Engineering Services & Product Management

Engineering Services
& Product Management

Independent teams of engineers are involved in the product life cycle management: from design to manufacture and assembly stage, through alternative materials, and last - time management to product End-of-life.
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6 don'ts in Electronics Manufacturing Services

We are easy to do business with

We represent the Under One Roof concept, keeping the design and manufacturing services in one place to accelerate the time to market (TTM) for your electronic product.

We follow several simple rules every day to ensure the highest level of customer experience. We invest your money wisely by focusing on the total cost of ownership (TCO), rather than just the price. We value transparency and an open book approach.

With our solid experience in hardware, software and mechanical design, as well as thousands of finished PCBA projects, we treat your product with the same level of commitment and sense of ownership as if it was our own. You are safe to focus on your core business, while our team takes care of everything else.

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Areas in which we excel

The know-how we have gathered over the years in leading large-scale,

comprehensive projects helps us adjust our electronic design and 

contract manufacturing services to your business challenges in various industries.


We have been on the telecommunication market for over 30 years, delivering advanced solutions to top players and the world’s largest telecom operators.

Industrial IoT

We are committed to guiding you in Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) design and manufacturing, and serving you with the best practices.

Communication technologies

Data is becoming a new currency so we are here to support you in designing and high-mix low-volume manufacturing of an electronic product with various communication protocols.

Smart metering

We specialise in transmission technologies and the design and manufacture of smart metering devices for supporting data management.


We are an experienced electromechanical contract manufacturer with a wide range of services including electromechanical box build and assembly.

A place for your industry

Specialisation in designing and manufacturing is important, but so are you

If you haven't found the right area for you, contact us! We will eagerly take a deep dive into a new challenge or serve you with consultancy.

I'm ready to take a deep dive with you!

VECTOR BLUE HUB facts & figures

With hundreds of professionals on board and a manufacturing plant based in Poland, we act as your close partner in electronics design and manufacturing services.

Our team
Our residence
Nimble supply chain and logistic

15km / 9.3mi

distance from the airport

16km / 9.9mi

distance from the port

Behind every success story stands a team of savvy professionals

Sharp minds, a focus on commitment, deep insight to understand your needs and endless amounts of energy fuel every project they manage. Not all VECTOR BLUE HUB heroes wear capes, some just ESD aprons  meet them all!

Hot topics

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