VECTOR BLUE HUB earns prestigious ISO environmental certification: this is a new chapter towards sustainable electronics manufacturing

Marta Kozera


As a VECTOR BLUE HUB, we are pleased to announce our latest achievement: obtaining ISO environmental certification. This not only signifies our dedication to sustainable practices but also elevates our standing in the competitive landscape of electronics design and manufacturing. By securing the ISO 14001 certification, we demonstrate our commitment to eco-innovation and the adherence to global environmental standards.

Achieving excellence in environmental management

Achieving ISO 14001 certification sets us apart in the electronics manufacturing market. The ISO 14001 certification is a clear reflection of our relevant environmental management system, which underpins our core values of innovation, quality and responsibility. This prestigious certification underscores our efforts in minimizing our environmental impact, increasing our environmental performance and ensuring continuous improvement in our operations. This certification reflects our holistic approach to environmental management, focusing on:

  • Innovative Practices: leveraging cutting-edge technology to minimize waste and reduce energy consumption across our production lines.
  • Quality and Responsibility: ensuring that our services not only meet but exceed environmental standards, thus demonstrating our commitment to sustainability.
  • Continuous Improvement: engaging in an ongoing process to enhance our environmental performance, including regular audits and updates to our practices in line with the latest environmental regulations and standards.
  • Supply Chain: recognizing that our entire supply chain significantly influences our environmental footprint, it is imperative to streamline and control the entire service path from the supply of components to the shipment of the product. This includes verifying our suppliers' approaches to the environment, emphasizing the importance of sustainable practices throughout our supply chain to further our commitment to minimizing our impact on the environment. 

ISO 14001: A mark of sustainable manufacturing

Commitment to environmental objectives and responsibilities

At VECTOR BLUE HUB, our journey to ISO 14001 certification has been underpinned by a deep-rooted commitment to environmental sustainability, which is manifest in several key areas:

  • Pollution Prevention: We've taken significant strides to minimize emissions and enhance waste management across our operations. Our initiatives include investing in cleaner production technologies and adopting practices that exceed mere compliance, ensuring a positive impact on the environment.
  • Resource Efficiency: Our focus on optimizing resource use encompasses every aspect of our operations. From energy-efficient manufacturing processes to sustainable sourcing and reduction in water usage, we aim to maximize efficiency and minimize our ecological footprint.
  • Sustainable Development: In designing our services and processes, we prioritize sustainability, considering the entire lifecycle from raw material extraction through to end-of-life recycling or disposal. This approach helps us to not only mitigate environmental impacts but also to innovate in product development, creating solutions that contribute to a more sustainable future.
  • Working with local suppliers: an important element of our environmental strategy is our emphasis on working with local suppliers. This not only supports the local economy, but also reduces the carbon footprint associated with transporting materials over long distances. By fostering close relationships with these suppliers, we ensure that our supply chain is consistent with our environmental and sustainability goals.
  • Compliance: a key element of obtaining ISO 14001 is strict compliance with local, national and European regulations, directives and policies. This commitment requires meticulous attention to detail, timely reporting and continuous review of regulatory standards. Our proactive approach to compliance ensures that we remain at the forefront of environmental care, setting the benchmark for the electronics manufacturing industry.
  • Chemicals management: recognizing the environmental challenges associated with electronics manufacturing, we have implemented an internal chemical substance management system. This system includes comprehensive waste management and chemical substance procedures designed not only to facilitate reporting processes, but also to promote shared responsibility for environmental safety and a healthy workplace. With this rigorous system, we strive to balance the demands of electronics production with our commitment to the environment and safety. 

Our commitment to environmental excellence enhances our competitive edge in the global market, signaling to clients and partners alike that we are a company dedicated to responsible environmental management and the promotion of sustainable development practices. Why are we so committed to continuous improvement and sustainable innovation? Because we want our responsible manufacturing to go hand in hand with superior quality and performance. 

Our journey in sustainability and well-being

Long before achieving ISO 14001 certification, VECTOR BLUE HUB was actively engaged in initiatives that reflect our commitment to environmentalism, work-life balance and community support. This is reflected in many of our practices, such as organizing blood donation drives, holding "Dog Fridays" to combine work and private life, participating in collections for animal shelters, or even promoting biking to work to reduce our carbon footprint.

These activities not only enrich our work culture, but also reinforce our commitment to environmental protection and social responsibility. 

Obtaining ISO certification further validates our ongoing efforts and motivates us to continue these meaningful practices. It reminds us that our actions, both large and small, contribute significantly to a sustainable future. Moving forward, we remain committed to organizing and participating in initiatives that align with our core values.
Marta Kozera, Quality Manager at VECTOR BLUE HUB

Partnering for a greener future

VECTOR BLUE HUB invites all stakeholders, from clients to supply chains, to join us in our mission for a sustainable future. Our ISO 14001 certification is not only a testament to our environmental responsibilities but also an invitation to collaborate in reducing environmental footprints, improving resource efficiency, and tackling environmental challenges together.

Let us join hands and forge a path towards a future where environmental harmony is not just a lofty aspiration but a tangible reality for generations to come. With a flexible approach and continual improvement, we can ensure compliance with relevant legal requirements, reduce operating costs, and improve our environmental performance. Together, we can pave the way for a greener, more sustainable future. 

VECTOR BLUE HUB's proud achievement

Achieving ISO 14001 certification is a landmark moment for VECTOR BLUE HUB, symbolizing our unwavering commitment to environmental stewardship. This certification is not just a badge of honor; it's a reflection of our holistic approach to environmental sustainability, from stringent adherence to environmental laws to setting new benchmarks in eco-friendly manufacturing. As we forge ahead in the realm of electronics manufacturing, our focus remains sharply on sustainability goals, driving innovations that benefit not just our company but the planet and society at large.

Marta Kozera

Quality Assurance Manager

Marta is a professional who monitors all the operations that affect quality in the manufacturing process. In her 10 years at VECTOR, she has gained a rich knowledge of quality management, assessment of suppliers, and process optimization. After work, Marta is currently discovering her new passion for skiing. She reads lots of criminal books and relaxes over a good cup of tea.

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