EMS Partner Selection: Choosing the Right Company, Regardless of its Size

Date of publication: 23.05.2023

The electronics industry is a vague idea that covers everything from simple sensor modules in the IoT sector to complex telecommunication equipment. Each industry has its own requirements and certification restrictions, which means responsible and business-aware Electronic Manufacturing Service (EMS) partners know their strengths.

Can a large EMS company work on a project in any manufacturing specialisation?

Yes, probably. Does that mean there is no other company on the market that can handle it more intelligently and cost effectively? Absolutely not!

This never means that they are the only fish in the sea, nor the best fit for your specific needs. The EMS company may be any size, as long as it aligns with your requirements and provides good customer service.

Read our article to gain insight on how to find your perfect match!

Identify the technology and manufacturing specifics of your EMS provider

The success of your product launch and overall manufacturing process depends heavily on the capabilities and compatibility of your EMS partner. While many contract manufacturers claim they can build anything, it is essential to find one that excels in your specific industry and technology.

If your business is strictly related to telecommunications, you first need to identify which technologies you want to base your electronic device on: GSM, 3G, 4G, NarrowBand-IoT, etc. Next you need to ask whether your potential partner has the know-how and experience within the manufacturing specifics related to this particular technology. Ask them about what challenges you will face. Examine anything you consider important in running the NPI or mass manufacturing process.

A good sign that you have found an aware and knowledgeable EMS company is that they can help you to ask the right kind of questions that perfectly fit your needs.

Finding that perfect match for your specific industry and technology requires a suitable selection process, which might mean evaluating multiple companies. You need to assess all the potential EMS partners, their pricing proposals, cost details, their day-to-day contact, and their approach towards low mix sectors.

While it may sound trivial, sometimes the operational agility of an EMS provider can be a significant cost reducer, leading to higher productivity.

Consider size and compatibility in the research and selection process

While comparing two EMS companies, remember that size does not determine efficiency. Larger companies may target more lucrative, global businesses, offshoring parts of their production to reduce costs. However, these companies may not always provide good customer service or meet the specific needs of a mid-sized tech company.

Medium-sized EMS companies might overlook the growth potential in smaller clients, but a committed partner can speed up the market for your product.

In the early stage of EMS provider selection, it is vital to assess their in-house capabilities as well as their approach towards pricing proposals submitted downstream. How the company perceives its customers and how it continually works closely with them should be crucial factors in your decision.

In house capabilities and location

The significance of the manufacturing capabilities and location in the context of your EMS cannot be overemphasized. Smaller EMS providers, though advantageous in providing personalized services, must also demonstrate adaptability in catering to small and medium-scale production requirements. This ensures that they can meet your evolving demands, which may not always be inclined towards mass production.

Equally essential is the geographical positioning of the EMS manufacturing plants. 

The location plays a crucial role in:

  • reducing transportation costs,
  • maintaining a reliable supply chain,
  • and eliminating potential complications, such as customs duties.

Moreover, their close proximity allows you to make frequent visits to them, fostering a successful long-term relationship and allowing for comprehensive, on-site audits. Therefore, when choosing an EMS provider, consider the dual implications of their manufacturing capabilities and strategic location.

Communication and values - tracking down a customer focussed EMS company

Finally, it is essential to determine whether you feel comfortable working with their EMS team, how they maintain regular communication and if your values align, such as taking responsibility for promises and being transparent and honest. A thorough research process can reveal if the partnership offers the stability and security your business requires.

Open and effective communication is crucial when selecting an EMS provider. They should keep you informed and maintain continuous contact throughout the manufacturing process. Look for partners who share your values and demonstrate honesty, transparency, and a strong sense of responsibility. Establishing a strong working relationship based on trust and open communication will lead to a smoother manufacturing experience.

If you do your research thoroughly enough, you may often find a lack of the values that you identify with and need in order to bring a sense of stability and security to your business.

Choose the best EMS partner with a specialisation that fits your market!

An EMS specialising in particular industries can remedy the pains you have experienced up to now – in just the same way as visiting a suitable medical specialist for a specific ailment. This effort to bridge the gap between technology and manufacturability is central to smoothly bringing the final product to a mass-market – the desire to unite the idea and the experience in a shared strategy.

Never hesitate in digging deep into your selection process.
The rewards will emerge as your product reaches the mass market, smoothly and efficiently.

Never hesitate to ask – transparent communication is a necessity, not an optional extra.

At VECTOR BLUE HUB, we believe in transparent communication and tailored solutions. We are dedicated to helping you bring your innovative ideas to life, ensuring seamless partnership and manufacturing success.

Reach out to us today, to start this exciting journey!

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